Therapist Chat about Psychiatry

Therapist Chat about Psychiatry

TherapistChat is networking with local therapy clinics and online therapy blogs. Therapist Chat about Psychiatry and Psychology Blog Online with us @ TherapistChat. We are networking with local therapists and want online therapist blogging for us to happen.

Therapist Chatting about Psychiatrists and other health care professionals. Psychiatrists are medical doctors (MD) who help people with psychological issues and help people with substance abuse, etc. Because they are an MD, they can prescribe medications for psychological problems. Therapists Chat Online discussion about various local therapy topics with us.

Psychology BlogPsychology Chat about psychologists:

Many people are looking for psychology information online. There are different types of psychologists, from cognitive psychologists to counseling psychology specialists. Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. As explained earlier, psychiatrists can prescribe meds while psychologists generally can not – unless have some sort of medical license to do so.

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